Horse Retirement Ranch

7 Springs Farm is the ideal horse retirement ranch with large grass pastures and friendly herd mates!

About our Horse Retirement Program

7 Springs Farm is located in Mansfield, Missouri. We have a 700 acre horse retirement farm with large grassy pastures where your horse will get to spend his days grazing alongside a new friend. We also offer stall boarding options if your horse needs to come in for extra care, feed, or anything else. Visit our full site to find out the details of our pasture and stall boarding options.

view of 7 Springs Farm

Retirees from All Over!

We take care of retired horses from all over the US. We tend to get a lot of horses from California, Florida, and New York. No matter where your horse is coming from, we take care to gradually introduce them to our pastures and their new herd mates to make the transition easy for them.

retired horse in pasture

Monthly Photos

We love and care for the retired horses who come to retire at our farm as if they were our own; they are like family! We will send you monthly pictures so you can continue to be a part of their life too. You are also always welcome to come visit your horse!

palomino horse in the pasture

Perfect Climate Year Round

We have a wonderful climate for retired horses. Our winters are very mild compared to the northern states, and our summers are mild compared to the southern states. It is the perfect balance of four even seasons with very comfortable summers and winters.

horses in the pasture

Natural Springs and Ponds

On our farm we have 7 natural springs that run into ponds in addition to our well that supplies water to some of the fields. If you ask us, it's the best drinking water around!

spring fed pond

Boarding Options

We offer pasture boarding, and pasture/stall boarding packages. All of the retired horses get to spend the maximum amount of time grazing on pasture as they can. Some horses will need to come in for extra feed, special attention, or maybe a winter blanket. We are able to accomodate your horse, whatever he may need! Once your horse has bonded with a group, we do our best to keep that group together. Visit our full site to find out the details of our pasture and stall boarding options.

horse stalls